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    Posted On: Mar 15, 2017

    XPO Logistics Settles Teamster Labor Complaint - Listen To What Georgia Cops Did - 03-16-17
    By Doug Cunningham XPO Logistics is settling an unfair labor practices charge with the Teamsters over Georgia police illegally preventing Teamster organizers from leafleting XPO truckers about union rights. The Teamsters were on public, not private property, at the time.
    900 Workers Making "Starvation Wages" Strike Rockford Illinois Public Schools - 03-16-17
    By Doug Cunningham [Ed Sadlowski]: "The strike is an overwhelming success at this point by way of building the union, building a sense of community. It's just a very good day for the labor movement at this point." AFSCME Council 31's Ed Sadlowski on the three day unfair labor practices strike against Rockford Illinois Public Schools.
    UAW Reaches Tentative Agreement With Caterpillar - 03-16-17
    By Doug Cunningham The UAW says a tentative new labor agreement has been reached at Caterpillar. The union says no details will be made public until UAW members at Caterpillar have a chance to review and vote on whether or not to ratify the agreement.
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