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    Posted On: Mar 16, 2017

    AFL-CIO": $54B Trump Cut To Working Families Is "Dangerous And Destructive" - 03-17-17
    By Doug Cunningham AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka says the Trump budget shortchanges working people by trying to balance the budget on their backs. Trumka says working people in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin didn't vote "or a budget that slashes workforce training and fails to invest in our nation’s infrastructure.
    $1Trillion For Infrastructure MIA In Trump Budget, DOT Cut By 13% - 03-17-17
    Doug Cunningham The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) says Trump's budget is a "disaster for public investment". Despite promising to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure rebuilding to create jobs, Trump's budget actually cuts the Department of Transportation budget by 13 percent. And there's no infrastructure jobs investment in the budget.
    U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Defends Corporate Bad Actors, Works Against Consumers - 03-17-17
    By Doug Cunningham Public Citizen's U.S. Chamber Watch says the Chamber of Commerce has a history of litigating to limit rights of consumers, small businesses and investors. That legal action defends corporate bad actors, no matter how bad they are. And the U.S.
    Actor's Equity Says Abolishing National Endowment For The Arts Will Cost Jobs - 03-17-17
    By Doug Cunningham Actor's Equity Assoication President Kate Shindle, says eliminating the National Endowment For The Arts would hurt the restaurant, hospitality , retail and transportation economies in theater districts nationwide. Trump wants to eliminate the $149 million arts endowment. Shindle says the arts endowment money helps to create jobs.
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