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  • UAW President: Boeing 'Stabbed Me' In SC - Building Trades Trump Meeting Doesn't Weaken Labor - 02-17-17
    Print Icon Feb 16, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    UAW President Dennis Williams says he's disappointed that South Carolina Boeing workers opted to vote against being represented by a union in the IAM vote this week.

    And he's really dissatisfied with Boeing over a harsh anti-union campaign in South Carolina.

    [Dennis Williams]: "I am disappointed in Boeing because we represent some Boeing facilities and we have a good relationship. So I will be having conversation with those people who meet with Boeing to tell 'em our dissatisfaction.

    You can't say to me in California that you want to have a partnership and a relationship and go stab me in Carolina. Relationships like that usually get divorces."

    Williams spoke out on a number of different issues Thursday in a wide ranging discussion with reporters in Detroit.

    I asked him if he thinks the Building Trades unions meeting with Trump will divide or weaken the labor movement.

    [Dennis Williams]: "I don't think it divides us. The Building Trades are after jobs.

    If Congress had of passed the infrastructure bill a long time ago, they would have been very supportive. I think that's why the Building Trades did that.

    ?I don't think it's about they're gonna go ahead and walk away from the labor movement because they had a meeting with President Trump. They're lookin' at the interests of their membership when it comes to jobs.

    I don't believe O'Sullivan or any of them guys are gonna walk away from the labor movement just because Trump invited them to the White House."

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