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  • XPO Ordered To Pay $855K In Stolen Wages To 4 Port Truckers - 04-21-17
    Print Icon Apr 20, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    California's Labor Commissioner is ordering XPO logistics to re-pay more than $850,000 in stolen port trucker wages to four Port Of Los Angeles/Long Beach drivers. The workers were illegally mis-classified as independent contractors instead as what they are - employees.

    Jose Herrera is one of the drivers who's wages were stolen by XPO.

    [Jose Herrera]: "The Labor Commissioner issues a ruling that XPO owes me alone $279,415.83 cents. The total awarded to me and the other drivers is $855,285.62 and more cases are pending in courts."

    Herrera says XPO illegally classifies workers as contractors, and then deducts business expenses from the paychecks of these workers. The truckers are in a union organizing drive backed by the Teamsters.

    Herrera says what XPO is doing is illegal exploitation of port truckers - denying them what employees are entitled to.

    [Jose Herrera]: "I have no workers compensation if I get injured on the job. That means that I have no disability insurance if something was to happen to me. I have nothin'.

    XPO is breaking the law by exploiting its workforce. No only is it wrong, but it's illegal. And as you can see, very expensive."

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