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  • WIN Special Report: CWA Strikes AT&T In 36 States And DC - 05-19-17
    Print Icon May 19, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    Tens of thousands of Communications Workers of America (CWA) workers walked off their jobs Friday afternoon and are on strike against AT&T. CWA says workers in 36 states and Washington DC are on strike until Monday.

    CWA union steward Jonathan Krueter joined his co-workers walking off their jobs Friday afternoon in Madison Wisconsin.

    [Jonathan Krueter]: "The issues that are driving this and why we decided to step out at 2 o'clock today is AT&T hasn't been bargaining in good faith. We've been sitting at the table starting back in January before our contract expired February 12th.

    And since February 12th we've been working in good faith trying to bargain every single day meeting the demands of both our members and also trying to work in good faith with AT&T.

    They won't sit down, they won't bargain with us. And so we put 'em on notice that we were gonna work without a contract as of May 1st.

    And they have continued to ignore our actions. And we gave 'em notice Wednesday that we were gonna strike on Friday if you don't sit down and really hammer out the issues that are important to our labor. And they still refused to sit down and meet us on any of our demands."

    Picket lines are up at retail AT&T stores throughout the weekend. CWA says striking workers will return to work Monday May 22nd. 

    CWA represents more than 150,000 AT&T workers.

    Krueter says when the time came for his fellow AT&T mobility workers to walk off their jobs Friday afternoon it was the first time many of them had taken this action.

    [Jonathon Kreuter]: "This is new for us out here at the mobility site for AT&T. This is an unprecedented action that's taken place. All the retail workers really walked out of the store today at 2 o'clock and we''re just tryin' to mobilize and get the word out for everybody."

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