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    Workers Have A High Standard For NAFTA Re-Negotiation - 05-17-19
    By Doug Cunningham The AFL-CIO says re-negotiating NAFTA -the North American Free Trade Agreement - offers potential for progress for workers but a "good outcome is far from guaranteed". AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka says working people have set a high standard for what we need in a NAFTA re-negotiation.
    AFGE: Washington's Real Witch Hunt Is Attacking Federal Workers - 05-19-17
    By Doug Cunningham Republicans generally claim to hate government regulations, but tend to want to tightly regulate or abolish union rights - most often with the goal of weakening labor unions financially and politically. One case in point is HR 1461. The anti-union bill by Texas Republican Rep. Jodey Arrington seeks to weaken and cripple AFGE - the union representing VA workers.
    NY Legislation Would Protect Workers From Forced Arbitration Contracts - 0-19-17
    By Doug Cunningham Workers and their supporters, including New York state lawmakers, rallied in New York City Thursday against corporate use forced arbitration contracts. They announced legislation to end the widespread use of forced arbitration contracts that decimate worker and consumer rights to access the courts when dealing with wage theft, discrimination, fraud and exploitation.
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