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    Illinois Legislature Sends $15 Minimum Wage Bill To Gov. Rauner - 06-02-17
    By Doug Cunningham The Illinois legislature has passed a $15 an hour minimum wage bill. It's headed now to anti-union Republican Governor Bruce Rauner's desk. If Illinois adopted the $15 minimum wage 2.3 million workers statewide would benefit form the despartely needed raise. Fight For $15 is hailing this as a win.
    Trump's Labor Department Tries To Block AFL-CIO, USW From Defending OSHA Rule - 06-02-17
    By Doug Cunningham Trump's labor department is trying to block the AFL-CIO and the United Steelworkers from joining a lawsuit to defend OSHA's electronic record-keeping rule in federal court. The unions say in their legal motion to intervene that In this case, "...there is no guarantee that the government will defend the New Rule forcefully in this Court.
    Cesar Chavez Charter DC School Teachers On Union Election: 'We're Fully Unified On This' - 06-02-17
    By Doug Cunningham [Christian Herr]: "We are fully unified on this. We're extremely confident and we have a really, really solid group of people. I'm thrilled with what we're doing. I'm thrilled with the support that AFT's given us. And we're not the first charter school to do this, we're not the first charter school in DC to try.
    NYC's Fair Work Week Law 'A Step Forward For Decency' - 06-02-17
    By Doug Cunningham New York City this week provided an example of how politicians passing laws and ordinances can actually benefit rather than attack working people. The city put a "Fair Work Week" law into effect that guarantees a more predictable schedule for fast food and retail workers.
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