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    Medicare For All Single Payer Healthcare Heads To CA Assembly After State Senate Passage - 06-05-17
    By Doug Cunningham California is making progress toward passing a Medicare for all law. The California Senate voted to approve the bill and send it to the California Assembly. California Nurses Association.National Nurses United is a big backer of the single payer Medicare style system that would cover all Californians.
    Organized Labor Condemns Decision To Withdraw From Paris Climate Change Agreement - 06-05-17
    By Doug Cunningham The AFL-CIO says "Pulling out of the Paris climate agreement is a decision to abandon a cleaner future powered by good jobs." AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka says it's a failure of American leadership. SEIU President Mary Kay Henry says Trump's decision to take the U.S.
    Trump Budget Pushes States To Cut Services For The Poor - 06-05-17
    By JoAnne Powers Donald Trump’s proposed budget makes unprecedented cuts that would shift a huge amount of federal spending responsibility onto the states, including a quarter of the cost of the national food-stamps program for needy families and cuts of up to 1.3 trillion dollars to Medicaid.
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