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    AFL-CIO Urging Congress To Invest A Real $1 Trillion In Infrastructure - 06-07-17
    By Doug Cunningham When it comes to infrastructure smoke and mirrors or twitter BS won't get the job done. It's going to take real money to re-build real concrete and steel roads, bridges, airports and water systems. The AFL-CIO says it's still waiting to see what Congress does on infrastructure investments. The labor federation says at least $1 trillion is need to get started.
    Pacific Northwest Carpenters Union: Labor Must Oppose Fascist And Racist Activities - 06-07-17
    By Doug Cunningham When neo-Nazis and fascists held their free speech rally in Portland Oregon just days after two people were brutally murdered trying to defend muslim women from a neo-nazi, the regional Carpenters union knew which side it was on. Ben Basom is Director of Organizing and Communications with the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters.
    China Labor Watch Activists Investigating Factory Supplying Ivanka Trump Still Aren't Free - 06-07-17
    By Doug Cunningham China Labor Watch says in seventeen years of conducting investigations into working conditions at Chinese factories none of its investigators were detained and arrested - until they investigated the factory that makes Ivanka Trump products.
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