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    By Doug Cunningham

    The Communications Workers of America say that 11 of its AT&T locals in California and Nevada - some 17,000 workers - went on strike Wednesday.

    The union says they are on a grievance strike due to AT&T violations of previously negotiated job duties of technicians. These are landline AT&T workers.

    AT&T recently imposed changes in job requirements without reaching a negotiated agreement with the CWA. The union says it has tried to resolve the issue for several days but to no avail.

    So the strike is on and CWA says the workers will be on strike "until a satisfactory settlement is reached."


    [ACA Repeal Protests Chant]: "Our health care is under attack! What do we do? Stand up, fight back! Healthcare! Now! Healthcare! Now!"

    In a dramatic day of protests against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, Republicans decided not to vote on the repeal Thursday.

    As House Speaker Paul Ryan cancelled press briefings and stayed behind closed doors protesters loudly decried Ryan's repeal plan that will take away health care from 24 million people.

    [Chant Outside Paul Ryan's Office]: "My name is Maureen and I am from Wisconsin. Paul Ryan, we're in crisis. We need our health care!  We rely on the Affordable Care Act to save our lives!

    24 million people lose coverage under your plan."


    Nissan is refusing a request to meet with the UAW and the Mississippi Alliance For Fairness At Nissan on worker efforts to organize a union at Nissan's Mississippi plant.

    A letter requesting the meeting urged Nissan to immediately stop intimidation and threats against Nissan workers who want a union.

    Rafael Martinez is a pro-union worker at Nissan.

    [Rafael Martinez]: "They're tryin' to intimidate the workers not to have a union. because they feel that a union - the message that they're sendin' out there, that they're promoting (is) that all a union would do is shut the company down or move the company. That's not true."


    The UCLA Labor Center and Los Angeles Black Worker Center are out with a new report showing a Black jobs crisis in Los Angeles.

    The report looks at the adverse effects widening inequality and lack of job opportunities are creating among Black workers. Authors of the study say it's a call to action to "provide real access to family-sustaining employment opportunities with livable wages, an opportunity for upward mobility and fair and safe workplace practices that are essential to develop an adequate and dignified standard of living for Black workers."

    The report finds Black workers are facing this crisis "as the direct result of regressive economic policies and institutionalized racism."

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