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    By Doug Cunningham

    [Rich Trumka]: "We're in the fight of our lives - to reclaim America as a land of opportunity. And we've never been more committed to getting the job done than we are right now."

    AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka during a speech to the national Press Club in Washington Tuesday.

    Trumka said all workers deserve good job, but they also deserve to be empowered for economic justice.

    [Rich Trumka]: "Everybody deserves the power to win better wages and benefits and retirement security, whether you're in a union or not in a union. That's how we build an economy that works for everyone."


    Global Trade Watch's Melinda St. Louis says Trump isn't keeping his promises to protect workers on trade with China. One reason is that Trump's Goldman Sachs cabinet members support the China trade status quo.

    St. Louis says it allows corporate domination in China trade that hurts workers and the environment.

    [Melinda St. Louis]: "Our critique of trade policy is not an us versus them - America versus China. It's about how does trade policy benefit workers and benefit the environment? As opposed to what we've seen in trade policy in the past where it's rules that have been written by and for large corporations at the expense of the rest of us."


    Five minutes. That's all it would take Congress to keep a healthcare and pensions promise to retired coal miners. But if Congress doesn't act by April 30th tens of thousands of retired miners will lose healthcare and pension benefits they were promised for life.

    United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts.

    [Cecil Roberts]: "On April 30th 22,600 retired coal miners and/or their dependents will lose the health care they've earned by virtue of the miners working twenty years or more in the coal mines.

    And then we have approximately 90,000 pensioners who are subject to lose or have their pensions reduced dramatically in the next four or five years if Congress fails to act."


    The April 4th Fight For $15/Black Lives Movement protests by thousands of low paid workers in 30 cities is the kickoff for a wave of worker protests. Leading up to big worker strike actions on May 1st there will be a wave of worker actions.

    Workers, clergy and other supporters marking the 40th anniversary of Dr. King's assassination on Tuesday demanded $15 and a union, tying that protest to civil rights.

    In Detroit Pastor W.J. Rideout helped make these worker voices for economic and social justice heard as he reminded them that Dr. King was killed standing in solidarity with striking Memphis sanitation workers.

    [Pastor W.J. Rideout III]: "All of these corporations that are not paying people fifteen dollars an hour and not allowin' them to unionize - we came to let 'em know that we're fed up and we're not gonna take it no more!"

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