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    By Doug Cunningham

    [CWA President Chris Shelton]: "This is a company who can easily afford to do what we want. They make a billion dollars a month in profit. They are continually sending jobs overseas." 

    Communications Workers of America President Chris Shelton talking about the year-long effort to reach a new contract with AT&T for 17,000 California and Nevada workers.

    Shelton told KPFA's Steve Zeltzer that AT&T wants these workers to pay 32 percent more for health care.

    [Chris Shelton]: "...we're not gonna do it. And that's part of the reason we've ben bargaining for a year now."


    AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka says as political attacks on labor continue, solidarity and unity is vital. That includes outreach from labor to progressive groups nationwide.

    [Rich Trumka]: "And you'll see us defending their issues as much as we would ask them to defend our issues. Because when we truly get to the point where it's not my issues and your issues but our issues, then we all win."


    The political revolution Senator Bernie Sanders envisioned and helped build as he ran for President lives on in Our Revolution.

    Former CWA President Larry Cohen heads an effort by Our Revolution to build a winning mass political movement around working class issues.

    Jobs and economic issues for sure - but also linked to other vital issues affecting working people.

    [Larry Cohen]: "They're all economic in some way. But we would link them together. But we gotta consciously be talking about racism consciously talking about the devastation of climate change, But yeah, the core is jobs."


    Writers Guild of America (WGA) workers are taking a strike authorization vote April 19th through the 24th.

    Writers Guild boards on both coasts are also urging members of the union to vote yes on strike authorization against the Alliance of Motion Picture and TV Producers.

    The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers earned a record profit of $51 billion in the past year alone. But the union says the "economic position of writers has declined sharply".

    The union is asking for 3 percent increases in minimums for writers, increases in health and pension plan payments from employers, an increase in diversity and other gains.

    The employer said no to nearly all of it.

    Writers' Guild West member Glen Mazzara. [Glen Mazarra]: "We're just tryin' to get a little bigger piece of a very very big pie."


    [Donna Smith]: "Nobody can let their guard down now and think that this means Republicans aren't gonna go back at it at some point."

    Progressive Democrats of America Executive Director Donna Smith cautioning healthcare activists not to rest on the laurels of defeating Trump-care.

    Just because attention is centered for now on war in Syria and the ongoing investigation into Trump campaign collusion with the Russians doesn't mean the GOP won't take a second bite at the healthcare apple.

    So Smith is encouraging the same folks who made town halls such living hells for politicians trying to kick millions of people off healthcare to seize the time to push Medicare for all.

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