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    By Doug Cunningham

    [Marc Perrone]: "America's gotta wake up. This economy - if it doesn't create good sustainable jobs for people - it's gonna continue to feed the very division, despair and disparity that's taking place and driving this country apart."

    United Food and Commercial Workers President Marc Perrone.

    Nearly 90,000 U.S. retail workers lost their jobs since October 2016. Brick and mortar general merchandise store jobs were hit the hardest as more people order those goods online.

    Perrone says what happens to these and other workers on the job-losing side of new technology habits isn't just a tech issue. It's a working class social justice question that goes to the heart of the kind of society Americans want.

    [Marc Perrone]: "And we have to make a decision on what kind of society we want. Do we want a society that only a handful can pay their bills? What are we supposed to say, let 'em eat cake?"


    California's Labor Commissioner is ordering XPO logistics to re-pay more than $850,000 in stolen port trucker wages to four Port Of Los Angeles/Long Beach drivers. The workers were illegally mis-classified as independent contractors instead as what they are - employees.

    Jose Herrera is one of the drivers who's wages were stolen by XPO.

    [Jose Herrera]: "The Labor Commissioner issue an order that XPO owes me alone $279,415.83 cents. The total awarded to me and the other drivers is $855,285.62 and more cases are pending in courts. 

    XPO is breaking the law by exploiting its workforce."


    College students are spreading a fast for justice aimed at the Wendy’s fast food chain. Sarasota Florida New College students went on a five day fast in solidarity with fasting Ohio State students urging a boycott against Wendy’s.

    The fasting students support the Coalition of Immokalee Workers efforts to get Wendy’s to join the Fair Food Program. That program gets restaurants to pay farms a penny more per pound for tomatoes used in the U.S. fast food industry. The money is used to improve farm workers working conditions.

    Fasting New College student Alex Schelle told the Suncoast News Network that wages and much more are improved by that extra penny per pound.

    [Alex Schelle]: “$23 million dollars in wages - which is just a penny more per pound . But over the years it really made a huge difference to farmworkers."


    The Labor For Our Revolution network is supporting May Day protests - "A Day Without Immigrants".

    The Communications Workers of America, Amalgamated Transit Union, National Nurses United, United Electrical Workers, American Postal Workers Union and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union are calling for broad labor support for the May Day strikes, protests and marches in cities across America.

    Our Revolution is the effort by Bernie Sanders supporters to create an ongoing political revolution for economic and social justice.

    Former CWA President Larry Cohen leads Our Revolution.

    [Larry Cohen]: "It does start with jobs as the number one issue and it cuts across the lines of environmental and racial justice. I think you have to organize everywhere, not just where we're immediately popular."

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