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  • Yale Grad Union Fast Continues As Woman Scientist Blasts Yale's 'Good Old Boy' Sexism - 05-18-17
    Print Icon May 17, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    Yale University grad student workers pushing for Yale to recognize and bargain with their union are still fasting in protest.

    UNITE HERE LOCAL 33 Chair Aaron Greenberg is a PhD candidate in Yale's political science department.

    Despite a certified NLRB election result that clearly indicates Yale grad student workers want a union, Greenberg says Yale is refusing to bargain as the grad workers continue their protest fast.

    [Aaron Greenberg]: "The administration told us that our request was premature. that we should wait. And so we decided to wait without eating. On April 25th me and seven of my colleagues embarked on an indefinite hunger fast.

    The university's plan seems to be to roll out the legal clock , to pursue legal delays. And to wait for Donald Trump to appoint anti-labor judges to the National Labor Relations Board and overturn our right to organize."

    Local 33 Co-Chair Robin Canavan says one big reason she wants a union at Yale is to help deal ongoing sexual harassment of grad workers.

    [Robin Canavan]: "As a woman scientist I gave experienced sexism pretty much every day. And this sort of casual culture of the old boy's club is still very much present.

    And we put up with a lot of stuff. Comments about our clothes, our bodies.

    I've been told by faculty that I can use my boobs to get a job, don't worry about it."

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