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    By Doug Cunningham

    Fight For $15 and the Trump resistance have a message for Trump and all politicians standing between them and their goal of $15 and hour and union rights.

    Trump's budget cuts hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicaid and the SNAP food stamp program, shredding the safety net for the poor while corporations simultaneously hold wages below what workers need to live.

    Workers like Ashley Bruce, who makes $10.50 an hour at a McDonald's in Chicago, say it's not right for struggling workers to be squeezed like that.

    [Ashely Bruce]: "One thing I would tell any politician or Donald Trump or anyone you switch places with us for a week or a month to see what it's like not to have anything.

    We're gonna get fifteen dollars an hour regardless of what they do. They could throw a million police at us, we're still gonna stand up and fight for what's right."


    The AFL-CIO says Trump's proposed budget is "the most significant betrayal yet of the working people he claims to support."

    The labor federation says it cuts "$1.5 trillion from Medicaid, $59 billion from Medicare and up to $64 billion from Social Security."

    At the same time it lavishes massive tax cuts on the wealthy while cutting education by $10.6 billion according to the AFL-CIO.


    The FCC's 2-1 vote to end Obama era net neutrality rules is the beginning of a new fight over free speech and equal access for all data on the internet.

    Lowell Peterson , Executive Director of the Writer's Guild East, says overturning net neutrality is a terrible idea.

    He's says it's a free speech as well as an equal treatment of data issue.

    [Lowell Peterson]: "It's exactly a free speech issue. It's a question not only of direct political censorship, although  of course we're concerned about that, but it's a form of economic censorship.

    Powerful players, if given the ability to do this without net neutrality protections, will decide what content consumers read and view."


    Westinghouse has locked out 172 workers at its Newington New Hampshire plant after meeting with the union just five times plus one mediation session on a new labor contract.

    The plant makes reactile vessel barrels and the parts that go into them for new AP 1000 nuclear power plants.

    Westinghouse wants to cut severance pay provisions in the labor contract, and is also going after defined benefit pensions benefits while drastically changing health insurance according to the union at the plant.

    Tyler Brown is Executive Director of Industrial Sector for the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers.

    [Tyler Brown]: "The company's sayin' that they're having the supervisors and non-bargaining unit members from the facility perform this work.

    And when you think about how highly skilled this work is, it's really kind of amazing that they wouldn't want the workers who do this work every day and have done so for a significant period of time to be the ones in there performing this work.

    It just seems really risky."


    [Rick Middleton]: "Nobody crossed the picket line. Our drivers all, in solidarity, stayed out almost two years. She's been instructed to put these people back to work. And there will be a trial. That's pending."

    Teamsters Local 572 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Middleton.

    A federal district court judge ordered the striking Star Fisheries workers reinstated to their jobs in San Pedro CA.

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