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    By Doug Cunningham

    The National Labor Relations Board Wednesday began a trial to reach a decision on whether Menards has violated federal labor law in the ways it treats its workers.

    OPEIU labor attorney Seth Goldstein brought the case on behalf of truckers working for Menards - a midwest home improvement chain owned by billionaire Republican John Menard.

    Goldstein says there are two main allegations of labor law violations involving haulers of Menards merchandise.

    [Seth Goldstein]: "The first one is whether the haulers are actually employees or independent contractors. We believe that they're employees and therefore have the right to organize a union.

    And the second issue is if they are employees - they were all forced to sign mandatory arbitration agreements that limited their rights to engage in class action lawsuits, and they are prohibited to file charges with the National Labor Relations Board.

    So that would be the unfair labor practice. And the judge is gonna decide that issue with evidence and testimony."


    [Christian Herr]: "We are fully unified on this. We're extremely confident and we have a really, really solid group of people. I'm thrilled with what we're doing. I'm thrilled with the support that AFT's given us.

    And we're not the first charter school in DC to try. We will be the first charter school to succeed."

    Cesar Chavez charter school teacher Christian Herr.

    Herr says the main overriding issue for teachers seeking affiliation with the American Federation of Teachers is staff turnover. Other top issues for teachers about to have a union election at this Washington DC charter school are job security, and lack of a grievance process.

    The teachers want a strong voice on the job and a seat at the table on major decisions on curriculum and a range of other education issues.


    Are you ready for sharing the road with driverless freight trucks? A new report from the International Transport Forum says the technology is coming and it could cost 4.4 million trucking jobs by 2030.

    The report says driverless trucks will cut the demand for drivers by 50-70% in the U.S. and Europe.

    This report on the impacts of driverless trucks was a combined effort of the International Transport Workers' Federation, European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA), and the International Road Transport Union (IRU).


    The Economic Policy Institute says California low-wage workers lose $2 billion a year to employer wage theft.

    That's how much it costs minimum wage workers when employers violate minimum wage and overtime laws.

    On average, EPI says, workers who should be getting the minimum wage are losing $64 a week - roughly $3300 a year.

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