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  • Trump Budget Pushes States To Cut Services For The Poor - 06-05-17
    Print Icon Jun 04, 2017

    By JoAnne Powers

    Donald Trump’s proposed budget makes unprecedented cuts that would shift a huge amount of federal spending responsibility onto the states, including a quarter of the cost of the national food-stamps program for needy families and cuts of up to 1.3 trillion dollars to Medicaid.  Jon Peacock, Project Director of the Wisconsin Budget Project:

    [Jon Peacock]: “He proposes massive cuts to Medicaid in order, basically, to fund huge tax cuts for corporations and the very wealthy.”

    These cuts are incentivizing states to cut services for low-income citizens.  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the Republican majority in the state legislature are proposing several changes to the state’s Medicaid program:

    [Jon Peacock]: “All childless adults who make at least 200$ a month would have to pay a premium, having drug testing, and putting a four year time limit on how long people could be eligible.  Actually, a number of those things would cost more, at least in the short run, because of the amount of bureaucracy involved in making those changes.”

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