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  • Economists At EPI: Trump Infrastucture Plan Is Thin And Fake - 06-06-17
    Print Icon Jun 05, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    Economists at the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) says Trump's infrastructure plan is a joke - "more obfuscation and magical thinking."

    EPI says the Trump administration claims their plan "will lead to $1 trillion in new investments. Yet only $200 billion in new federal spending is specified."

    The American Society of Civil Engineers, in a report called Failure to Act, says the United States has "only funded 56% of needed infrastructure spending. This failure means that we will fall $1.44 trillion short in terms of infrastructure spending, which is projected to cost the United States 2.5. million jobs and $4 trillion in lost GDP."

    Massive and immediate public investment in infrastrcuture is needed to really rebuild America's crumbling roads, bridges, water systems, sewers, airports and electrical grid.

    The Economic Policy Institute says the damage the Trump budget would do to public investment and infrastructure is staggering.

    And in the face of this massive and very real need Trump's infrastructure plan is "thin and fake".

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