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  • China Labor Watch Activists Investigating Factory Supplying Ivanka Trump Still Aren't Free - 06-07-17
    Print Icon Jun 06, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    China Labor Watch says in seventeen years of conducting investigations into working conditions at Chinese factories none of its investigators were detained and arrested - until they investigated the factory that makes Ivanka Trump products.

    Of three China Trade Watch investigators probing conditions at the plant supplying Ivanka Trump's company, one has been arrested and two are missing.

    China Labor Watch says "Our activists discovered evidence that a supplier factory for Ivanka Trump’s brand company and many other brands had violated workers’ rights in ways that included: forced overtime, wages lower than China's legal minimum wage, managers' verbal abuse of workers, and violations of women’s rights."

    China Labor Watch says "We appeal to President Trump, Ivanka Trump herself, and to related brand companies to advocate and press for the release our activists."

    The U.S. State Department has called on China to release the activists, sayingthat the U.S. is concerned by reports that these labor rights activists were detained by Chinese authorities.

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