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  • AFL-CIO Urging Congress To Invest A Real $1 Trillion In Infrastructure - 06-07-17
    Print Icon Jun 06, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    When it comes to infrastructure smoke and mirrors or twitter BS won't get the job done. It's going to take real money to re-build real concrete and steel roads, bridges, airports and water systems.

    The AFL-CIO says it's still waiting to see what Congress does on infrastructure investments. The labor federation says at least $1 trillion is need to get started.

    If Congress makes that investment it will create jobs, revitalize communities and renew infrastructure, which in turn will pay ongoing economic benefits down the road in return for the investment. But the AFL-CIO says the investments must be done right, primarily through increased federal spending and credit support.

    And every dollar spent must be tied to creating good jobs with high-road standards for workers. The AFL-CIO also wants to see Buy American provisions included.

    Labor has no objections to a private role - IF it includes "strong safeguards for workers and the public interest."

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