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  • 2018 Russian World Cup Being Built On The Backs Of Exploited Workers - 06-15-17
    Print Icon Jun 14, 2017

    By JoAnne Powers

    A new report shows that construction workers building World Cup Facilities in Russia face exploitation and labor abuses.  While the worldwide football association, FIFA, has promised to address labor and human rights concerns after reports that immigrant workers building for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar labor in near-slavery conditions, the report says that so far, they are coming up short in Russia as well.  Workers involved in World Cup construction sites faced unpaid wages, months-long pay delays and work in sub-zero temperatures without proper protections.  June Buchanan, an associate director at Human Rights Watch, authored the report:

    [Jane Buchanan]: “FIFA obviously has the responsibility and the authority to ensure that its World Cups aren’t built on exploitation and on the back of abused workers.  It should be the forefront of their operations together with all the other requirements that they expect of host countries in terms of delivering a major sporting event like the world cup.  It’ll be a real stain on this World Cup if that’s part of this legacy.  It is shameful.  The people that are most vulnerable are really left out of the picture.  The workers doing the hardest and most dangerous jobs to deliver a global event that’s supposed to be a celebration.”

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